How to Connect to the FOA VPN from MacOS

vpn mac os

Applies to: MacOS only

Follow these instructions to connect to the FOA VPN from MacOS.

Connecting to the FOA VPN requires specific account permissions. If not done already, please contact for assistance.
In order to connect to the FOA VPN, the Pulse Secure VPN software is required. If you do not already have that software installed, you may refer to this article and select the Pulse Secure VPN software offer to install it onto your computer: How to Install Software via IBM BigFix Self-Service
  1. In your task tray, find the Pulse Secure VPN icon, click on it, hover over FOA VPN, and then click connect.

    Connect to VPN
  2. In this window, select uConnect, enable Save Settings and click Connect. You will only need to do this once

    Select uConnect
  3. At the credentials window, enter your information as follows and click Connect
    User Name:
    Password: your-normal-computing-passphrase

    Enter Credentials
  4. Once the connection is established, you will see the following:

    Connection Established