Reserving Resources

Resources Available

Facilities have different resources available for staff. Follow the instructions below to book a reource. Simply replace @room for the resource you would like to book.

@Research Park

  • A&FS Conf Room USB 103
  • A&FS Conf Room USB 204
  • A&FS Conf Room USB 254
  • A&FS Checkout Sedan Research Park
  • A&FS Checkout Parking Permits Research Park

@260 Cousteau

  • A&FS Checkout Sedan Cousteau
  • 260 Cousteau—Aspen
  • 260 Cousteau—Cedar
  • 260 Cousteau—Cypress
  • 260 Cousteau—Oak
  • 260 Cousteau—Olive
  • 260 Cousteau—Mapple

A&FS also has access to meeting space at UCD Extension on Research Park and DaVinci.To reserve space at that location, please contact Heather Wright.

Follow These Steps to Reserve a Room (or any other resource)


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