Charting with Excel

Excel has many nice features.  One of my favorites is being able to make charts for presentations.  Making a chart can be really easy.  Excel and your computer do the work and you reap the rewards.

To create a chart you will need data.  For this example, I am using how many people like different types of pizza.

 To get started you need to open Excel and enter your data if it does not already exist. To make the chart meaningful, you should have a column with the title and a corresponding column with the raw data.








Highlight the data you want to be included in the chart.








Click on the Insert tab and then the small arrow in the Charts section.






The Insert Charts window will open and if you choose the All Charts tab, you will have many choices.











Choose your chart preference (I chose a pie chart) and start personalizing.










By clicking on the chart in Excel you will have access to personalize your chart.

a.       excel7.png The Chart Elements button allows you to toggle on/off the title, data labels and legend.

b.      excel8.png The Chart Styles button allows you to access to change the style and color.

c.       excel9.png The Chart Filters Button  allows you to change values and sort for specific data








Now that you have a stylish chart, it’s time to showcase it.  You can use the Snipping Tool (previous Tech Tip) to copy your chart in other Office programs.