Clutter Folder for Office 365

As Outlook may already have informed you, Office 365 is introducing a new feature called Clutter, intended to help keep your attention focused on the emails that are most important to you. Unlike Junk E-mail, which contains messages that are unsolicited, unwanted, or potentially malicious, the Clutter folder is intended to hold messages that are wanted, but don’t require immediate attention and can safely be ignored. This feature was introduced by Microsoft, which continually adds new features and upgrades to its Office 365 platform and may add future features in a similar manner.


Partially informed by your actions, Office 365 uses Microsoft’s Office Graph technology to automatically determine which messages are clogging your inbox and will move them to Clutter accordingly. If you’d like to help Office 365 more quickly learn what types of emails belong in Clutter, you can simply move emails of that type into the Clutter folder manually. Outlook Web Access and upcoming versions of Outlook provide a ‘Move to Clutter’ option when right-clicking a message.



                            Outlook Web Access (OWA)                 Outlook 2016

Whether or not you want Clutter to move messages is up to you. Clutter can be turned on or off through Outlook Web Access at Toggling Clutter on or off can be done by going to Settings  > Mail > Clutter

clutter settings