Exporting Favorites in Internet Explorer

IE 11 Preview

To transfer your Favorites to another installation of Internet Explorer, you export a file of your favorites.  Here’s how!

Exporting Favorites

  1. Open up Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on the Star icon in the upper right corner.

    star icon
  3. Click the down arrow next to Add to Favorites.

    down arrow
  4. Select Import and Export. An Import/Export Settings window will appear.
  5. Select Export to a file and then click Next.

    export to a file
  6. Select Favorites from the list and click Next, and then Next.
  7. Browse to where you want to save the exported Favorites file.
  8. Click Export.

Find the file you exported. Unless you renamed it, will be called bookmark.htm. Transfer this file to the machine where you want to import it.