How to Get Past the Acrobat Trial License Window when Signing in to Adobe Acrobat DC

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You encounter this window when attempting to use Adobe Acrobat DC

trial prompt


It is very likely that you signed into Adobe Acrobat DC using the Personal ID option instead of the Enterprise ID option.

Steps to Fix

  1. Confirm you have submitted this form to request a license for Adobe Acrobat DC
  2. Re-Open Adobe Acrobat DC
  3. At this window, click Not your Adobe ID?

    not adobe id
  4. At this window, click Sign in with an Enterprise ID

    click enterprise id
  5. At this window, enter in your UC Davis email address

    enter email
  6. At this window, click Enterprise ID

    click enterprise id

  7. At this window, login to the UC Davis CAS using your UC Davis credentials

  8. At this window, click Accept

  9. At this window, click Continue

  10. Adobe Acrobat DC will now open