To "pop-up" or not to "pop-up" when opening a file from SharePoint


You may have noticed that sometimes you get a pop-up window when opening a Word or Excel file from SharePoint. But other times Word or Excel opens without the interruption of a pop-up window. Let's explore what's going here.


Normally when you open a Word or other MS Office file, you get the following pop-up window when using Internet Explorer (IE): 










No Pop-up

But sometimes the pop-up doesn't appear and the file opens directly in Word, Excel, whatever. However, in the screenshot below, notice the warning in the information bar about editing the file.







So what is causing these two different behaviors? The reason is that the SharePoint URL,, is saved as a browser trusted site in the 2nd scenario. The fact that SharePoint is a trusted site eliminates the pop-up window.

This setting can be found in Internet Options/Security/Trusted Sites/Sites.


















It is questionable which option is best. Some may like the fact that they are not interrupted with a pop-up window just to view the file. However, some may not notice the edit button in the information bar in the 2nd scenario which can cause confusion. It comes down to personal preference and if you normally read files, it's fewer clicks. Conversely, if you normally edit files, it's the same number of clicks. My personal choice is the make SharePoint a trusted site and have files open without interruption.

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Adding SharePoint as a trusted site will also eliminate this annoying pop-up:










This pop-up occurs if you have no edit access to a library and you are simply opening the file to read it.

So my conclusion is that adding SharePoint as a trusted site is the way to go to streamline your document management experience.