Save Common Mailbox Searches with Search Folders

Search email

If you receive large volumes of email throughout the day, it’s likely that you rely heavily on Outlook’s search functions to find specific emails. Instead of regularly repeating common searches, you may save yourself time by saving your search as a ‘Search Folder.’

For example, to display only the unread emails in your mailbox, select the Folder tab and then select New Search Folder.










Doing so will open the ‘New Search Folder’ window, which provides a number of search folder types to choose from. At the bottom of this menu is an option to create a custom search folder based on criteria you define. If you have multiple mailboxes attached, you can also tell Outlook which mailbox to search.

mailbox searches












Once you’ve defined your search folder, it will appear in your mailbox folder pane underneath ‘Search Folders.’ Selecting the search folder will find and return all of the emails in your mailbox matching the rules you defined.