Using the Windows Logo Key for Efficiency

There are many opportunities for increased efficiency within the matrix of keyboard shortcuts.

One of the more powerful, and probably least used, set of keyboard shortcuts involves the Windows Logo key.  Common on most keyboards, it can be found on the bottom row of your keyboard, left of the spacebar. 


The table below lists the keyboard shortcut combinations associated with the Windows Logo key and what each combination will do. Take a good look, because there may be a key combination or two you can use regularly that will make your computing life just a little more efficient.

Key combination


Windows logo key

Open or close the Start menu.

Windows logo key +D

Quickly display the desktop.

Windows logo key +M

Minimize all windows.

Windows logo key +Shift+M

Restore minimized windows to the desktop.

Windows logo key +E

Open My Computer/This PC. (quick access to shared drives)

Windows logo key +F

Search for a file or folder.

Windows logo key +L

Lock your computer or switch users.

Windows logo key +T

Cycle through programs on the taskbar.

Windows logo key+number

Start the program pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number. If the program is already running, switch to that program.

Windows logo key +Up Arrow

Maximize the window.

Windows logo key +Down Arrow

Minimize the window.

Windows logo key +Home

Minimize all but the active window.

Windows logo key +Shift+Left Arrow or Right Arrow

Move a window from one monitor to another.