ADMIN IT offers a few different options for online file storage:

  • Home Drive (H:\ Drive):  Each user has a personal folder on the network drive for saving whatever files need to be saved.  It is highly recommended you save your files on the network drive in lieu of your local computer (C:\ drive).  The files on the H:\ drive are backed up and can be recovered in something is damaged or lost.  Files lost on the C:\ are generally unrecoverable.  You also can access your H:\ from anywhere on campus and whenever you are logged into the VPN.
  • Shared to Unit Drive (U:\ Drive):  Each unit has its own folder in the U:\ drive that is shared amongst the staff in that unit.  The files in there are not private so personal items should not be saved in this drive. Certain folders within the drive are only shared with certain members of the staff and new folders can be created with special permission upon request.
  • Shared to All Drive (A:\ Drive):  Within A&FS, each unit has its own folder in the A:\ drive that can be shared with other units. These folders are generally viewable by anyone in A&FS. These can be used to store information that needs to be shared among units. Folders with special permissions can be created upon request (i.e. a folder only shared with one unit instead of all units)