Securing Zoom Meetings

Secure your Zoom meetings from disruptive "crashers" -- and learn how to use Zoom's new Security Toolbar to deal with these uninvited guests.

Beware of Phony Gift Card Email Scams

Scammers are trying to steal your money with gift card scam emails. Don't become the next victim. Read how to recognize these threats to keep you and your money safe.

Phishing FAQs

"Phishing" (pronounced "fishing") refers to a form of fraud that attempts to acquire sensitive information (usually your username, also called login or loginID, and passphrase/passphrase). There are many variations, but the most obvious characteristic of a phishing message is that it instructs you to provide sensitive information either by replying to the message, or by clicking on a link and entering the information on a web page. Read more

How to Send an Encrypted Email with Office 365

On occasion, you may need to send a secure encrypted email. Doing so will require the recipient to access a website and sign-in with their UC Davis Office 365 account or enter a one-time passcode in order to view the secure email message.

Browse Securely with HTTPS

As we share more and more of our personal information on the internet, it's always important to ensure that others can't capture and read that information while it's transmitted. For this reason, HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is one of the internet's most useful tools. Through the magic of math, HTTPS encrypts data as it travels to its destination and makes sure that the person on the other end of the transaction is actually who they say they are.