Zoom for Outlook Add-In

April 14, 2020
Learn how to enable the Zoom Add-in for Outlook to enable easy Zoom schedule via your calendar items.

Securing Zoom Meetings

April 10, 2020
Secure your Zoom meetings from disruptive "crashers" -- and learn how to use Zoom's new Security Toolbar to deal with these uninvited guests.

New Campus VPN Provides Increased Capacity

March 23, 2020
Due to the unprecedented growth of remote work associated with COVID-19, the campus has launched an additional VPN option for general-purpose computing. Unless you have specialized needs (such as developer/sysadmin access), we recommend you switch to this new service.

How to Send or Receive Files Securely with LiquidFiles

February 26, 2020
Admin IT offers the LiquidFiles service as a way to send documents securely as opposed to email attachments. Documents containing sensitive data, also known as Personally Identifiable Information or PII data, should always be sent securely and not as email attachments. Read more on how to send or receive documents securely with LiquidFiles.

How to Work from Home

January 27, 2020
Away from your desk and need to check your email or access your files? Find out how.

Beware of Phony Gift Card Email Scams

January 23, 2020
Scammers are trying to steal your money with gift card scam emails. Don't become the next victim. Read how to recognize these threats to keep you and your money safe.

Exporting Favorites in Internet Explorer

December 09, 2019
To transfer your Favorites to another installation of Internet Explorer, you export a file of your favorites. Here’s how!

How to Check the Status of Campus IT Services

December 06, 2019
Email not working? Jabber down? KFS not responding? Learn how to check the status of campus IT services such as email, Box, and TRS.