Restore Previous Versions

September 20, 2017
Did you accidentally delete a file or folder? Or perhaps misplaced it? If so, you're in luck! Our clients have the ability to restore a file or a folder from a network drive back to a previous version!

Windows 10 Windows Key Shortcuts

August 29, 2017
The ability to reduce several mouse clicks and movements through the use of hotkeys can be greatly beneficial in saving time while navigating through your daily computing tasks. An often underused set of keyboard shortcuts involves the Windows logo key. Common on most keyboards, it can be found on the bottom row of your keyboard, left of the spacebar.

How to Send an Encrypted Email with Office 365

August 08, 2017
On occasion, you may need to send a secure encrypted email. Doing so will require the recipient to access a website and sign-in with their UC Davis Office 365 account or enter a one-time passcode in order to view the secure email message.

What is my Default Printer and how do I Change it?

June 27, 2017

From time to time you may need to start printing from a new printer.  This can happen because of a desk or office move or because of a network change.  For efficiency, you should set your default printer to the one you use most often or the one that is most convenient. 

Best Practices: Contacting the Help Desk

June 13, 2017
We all need a little help with our computers, printers and phones from time to time.  In order to serve you in the best and most efficient fashion, it is very helpful if you include as much information as possible in your initial request. Information the help desk staff needs to help you includes:

How to use TeamViewer

May 17, 2017
TeamViewer is software used for Internet-based remote access and support.  TeamViewer allows our IT support team to connect and control our client’s computers as if we were sitting in front of them.  TeamViewer is very useful when you need assistance.  Rest assured, your remote session is secure because it is done over an "https://" secure connection.

Digital Spring Cleaning

May 02, 2017

Spring has finally sprung here in Davis.  Our record rainfall seems to now be in our rearview mirror.  Now is the time to do your spring cleaning.  Merriam-Webster defines Spring Cleaning as the act or process of doing a thorough cleaning of a place.  Most people associate spring cleaning with their homes.  However, now is also a great time to do some 'digital' spring cleaning.  Like cleaning your home, the work won't be fun, but you'll improve your security and your devices might run faster.

Removing Saved Email Addresses from Outlook

April 04, 2017

When you want to add recipients to an Outlook email message, you can select the ToCc, and Bcc buttons to choose a recipient from your contacts or manually type the address. If you type the address in the ToCc, or Bcc boxes, you'll notice that Outlook provides suggestions as you type. These suggestions are stored in the Auto-Complete List.

What's the difference between 'reply', 'reply all' and 'forward'?

February 21, 2017
Email is part of our daily lives and we find ourselves sending and receiving emails constantly.  Occasionally, you will need to reply to the sender or send the original message to another person/group.  It can sometimes be confusing if you should use 'reply', 'reply all', or 'forward'.  Let's break down each one, what it means and how to use them.

Turn On/Off Email Alert Popup Messages

January 11, 2017
Desktop Alerts are notifications that appear on your desktop when you receive a new email message, meeting request, or task request to your inbox. The alerts will pop up on the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop, by the System Tray.  By default, Desktop Alerts are turned on for Safety Services.  While useful for some, others may find them bothersome or they may interfere with your work.  If you'd like to turn your alert notifications on or off, please follow the instructions below.

Updating Attendees on Group Meetings

November 15, 2016
You may need to update a regular or recurring calendar meeting invite for various reasons.  Occasionally folks leave, retire or take a position with another department in the University or new employees arrive.  It is important that meetings be updated as staff changes occur.  Luckily, this is easy to do and does not require canceling and recreating the meeting.

Change Your Campus Directory Listing

November 01, 2016

The UC Davis staff directory is a helpful tool for letting the campus community know how to contact you. It’s also connected to the campus’s email system, so changes that you make to your directory listing will also show up when someone searches for you in Outlook.