How to Check the Status of Campus IT Services

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While Admin IT Client Services is the gateway for IT support for all of Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA), there are many services utilized by FOA that are managed by other campus IT departments. Such services include:

  • Email
  • Banner
  • Box
  • Jabber
  • KFS
  • TRS
Check the Status of Services

The website reports the current state of these campus services and many more. If there is an identified outage of a service such as email, there will be a posted incident.

On the status website, you can:

  • View all active incidents for services
  • View the status of IT services
  • Subscribe to specific incidents
  • Subscribe to all posted incidents
  • View upcoming scheduled maintenance
  • View past incidents
Status Page Sample
Status Page Sample
Subscribe for Notifications
  • The Subscribe button lets you subscribe to a specific incident.
  • The Subscribe to Update button lets you subscribe to email notifications whenever UC Davis creates, updates or resolves an incident.
See Details of Incidents

By clicking on a specific incident, you will be able review all updates for that incident to monitor if and when that service has been restored. Each incident has a unique url that you can use to share with others.

As an example, on December 3, 2019, campus experienced an email outage that affected all staff. This page monitored that specific incident as it was addressed by the service owners.


Status Page Incident Sample
Status Page Incident Sample
What to do

If you ever notice an issue with any of these services, please contact us (information below). We can then determine if there is indeed a service issue and will then report the issue to the appropriate service owners.  

If you are curious if something such as email is down, check to see if there are any service incidents.

Administrative IT Client Services Contact Information