Connect to the Campus VPN on an iOS Device

Add the Campus VPN
  1. Download the Ivanti Secure Access Client from the App Store
    • If this is a UCD-issued device, the application may already be installed 
  2. Open the Ivanti application and enter the URL: vpn.ucdavis.edu
  3. On the next page, enter Campus VPN as the connection name and click Connect.
  4. For "Secure Access" Would Like to Add VPN Configurations.

Campus VPN Tunneling Options

As of 11/18/2020, IET has added an option for 'Full-Tunnel' VPN connections. Previously, the VPN only operated as 'Split-Tunnel.'

New Campus VPN Provides Increased Capacity

Due to the unprecedented growth of remote work associated with COVID-19, the campus has launched an additional VPN option for general-purpose computing. Unless you have specialized needs (such as developer/sysadmin access), we recommend you switch to this new service.

How to Work from Home

Away from your desk and need to check your email or access your files? Find out how.