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Set up Rules and Replies for Shared mailbox

Quick Summary

  • Create Email Rules for Shared Mailboxes
  • Set up Automatic Replies from Shared Mailboxes


If you have Full Access to a shared mailbox, there are a few quick steps you can take to keep it organized. Adding rules and setting automatic replies to a shared mailbox is very similar to the process for an individual mailbox. The main difference is finding the mailbox settings to do it!

Request access to a shared mailbox with the Access Modification Form found on the Administrative IT website

How to find shared mailbox settings

  1. Navigate to and login with your UC Davis email and passphrase.
  2. Click the profile icon at the top right of the screen and click “Open another Mailbox”
    Open another Mailbox
  3. A small window will pop up. Enter the Display Name or email address of the shared mailbox. Then click Open           
  4. A new window will open in your browser containing only the shared mailbox.
  5. Click the gear icon on the top right of the window near the profile icon.
    Settings Gear
  6. Click “View all Outlook settings” on the bottom of the popup window.

Create a rule

  1. Once you’ve opened the shared mailbox settings, click the “Mail” Tab.
  2. Click “Rules”
  3. Click “Add new rule”
  4. Name the Rule, add a condition, and add an action.
    Create a rule
  5. Check “Run Rule Now” if you want this rule to apply to existing messages.
  6. Click “Save” at the bottom of the window.


Send automatic replies

  1. Once you’ve opened the shared mailbox settings, click the “Mail” tab.
  2. Click “Automatic replies”
  3. Toggle “Automatic replies on” 
    Auto Reply
  4. There are a few options for when you want to send automatic replies.
    1. You can send replies during a set time period. This is a good idea if you want to send Out of Office Replies for emails received on Holidays or outside business hours.
    2. Or, you can have it send Automatic replies always.
  5. There are a few options for who you want to receive automatic replies.
    1. To people inside your organization: any address.
    2. To people outside your organization: all addresses.
    3. If you don’t want to send a message outside the organization, leave the “Send replies outside your organization” box unchecked.
  6. Once you’re done, click “Save” at the bottom of the window.