Campus VPN Tunneling Options

Pulse VPN

As of 11/18/2020, IET has added an option for 'Full-Tunnel' VPN connections.
Previously, the VPN only operated as 'Split-Tunnel.'

When you connect to the Campus VPN, you will be prompted to make your selection after passing DUO authentication:

Split or Full Selection

Simply select Split-Tunnel and the VPN will continue to work as it has been.

Here are the major differences:

Split Tunnel

  • Gives you access to all on campus resources.
  • Network destined for off campus locations will not traverse the VPN; instead your client will use your regular ISP.
  • Streaming sites are not blocked.
  • Will not work for

Full Tunnel

  • Gives you access to all on campus resources
  • Gives you access to off campus resources that require a campus IP address for authorization such as library periodicals
  • Will allow access to
  • Will block streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu.