Sign PDFs Electronically

March 02, 2016
When you need to sign a PDF file and would like to avoid the trouble of printing, signing, and scanning the page, consider using Adobe Acrobat’s signature tools. Access these tools by clicking the Fill & Sign button near the upper right-hand corner of the Acrobat window.

Google Tricks and Tips

January 14, 2016
Besides being a great search tool, Google has some fun tricks that you can use to your advantage to save time and keystrokes.

Open Browser Tabs from Your Previous Session

October 06, 2015
For people who keep many browser tabs open at a time, it can be a hassle to lose those pages when the browser gets closed. That's why the major web browsers provide the ability to pick up where you left off when opening a new session.

Quick Ways to Scroll in Your Browser

September 16, 2015
There are several ways to use your keyboard to scroll up and down in web pages on your internet browser without using a mouse.   Very helpful when using a laptop or tablet with the keyboard and you’ve left your mouse at the office.

Snipping Tool

August 24, 2015
Save yourself 1,000 words by using the Windows Snipping Tool to capture and include a screenshot of your next email or document. This handy program can be found by clicking the Start Button and typing “Snipping Tool”, which will search for and find the application in whichever version of Windows you’re using.