Zoom Account Requirements for using Zoom Rooms

March 04, 2019
Important note about licensing

In order to schedule a Zoom Room, your zoom account must be associated with the Administrative IT central Zoom account. If you already have a pro license issued by Admin IT, no action is necessary. If you have a free (basic) Zoom account, it must be associated with the Admin IT central Zoom Account.

Schedule Meetings in Zoom Rooms (Outlook)

March 04, 2019

You can schedule a meeting with a Zoom Room in Outlook. Booking the room adds a link to the Zoom Room controller to start the meeting. This also shows the room as busy for other users and they are not able to book the room for that time.

When it is time for the scheduled meeting, you can tap Start on the controller to begin the meeting. The host does not need to login or start from an additional device as the host, if they are on the same Zoom account.

Move from OneNote 2016 to OneNote for Windows 10

March 04, 2019

Microsoft is planning to launch Office 2019 later this year, and the company is changing the way OneNote is bundled. The note taking app currently has a desktop version included in Office 2016, and a separate Universal Windows App for Windows 10 simply called OneNote. Microsoft is replacing the desktop version of OneNote 2016 with OneNote. OneNote 2016 will remain available and be supported through October 2025, but it will no longer receive new features going forward.

Zoom Rooms for Touch In-Meeting Controls

February 28, 2019

After you start a meeting from Zoom Rooms for Touch, you can manage the meeting using the integrated controller. The integrated controller has the same features as a regular controller.

This article covers:

Starting and Joining Meetings Using Zoom Rooms For Touch

February 28, 2019

The Home screen of Zoom Rooms for Touch includes a list of any meetings scheduled for the room. If the meeting list includes Zoom meetings, those meetings are associated with a START button, where you can start a scheduled meeting. You can also start an instant meeting or join a meeting started outside of the Zoom Room.

Adobe License Changes - Fall 2018

November 29, 2018
Due to changes in campus licensing agreements with Adobe, all versions of Adobe Acrobat are set to expire on November 30, 2018. The new licensing model is no longer per-computer but per-user and will require each user to sign into Adobe Acrobat with their UCD computing account. Click to read more.