Network Drives and Document Storage

All staff of Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA)  uses network drives for storing of files.  The network drives, typically H: and U:, are fully backed up and can be used to restore files. The H: drive is your personal Home drive and you are the only one with access to it and files within.  The U: drive is for your unit.  Staff in your unit will be able to access anything stored in the U: drive.  All FOA staff should have access to their own personal or 'home' drive.

Customizing your Start Menu in Windows 10

You have the ability in Windows 10 to customize and personalize your Start Menu to help you work and find frequently used Apps more efficiently.  Most computers start with a generic start menu, but with a few clicks here and some moves here and there, you can have your Start Menu looking exactly the way you want it.

Restore Previous Versions

Did you accidentally delete a file or folder? Or perhaps misplaced it? If so, you're in luck! Our clients have the ability to restore a file or a folder from a network drive back to a previous version!

Windows 10 Windows Key Shortcuts

The ability to reduce several mouse clicks and movements through the use of hotkeys can be greatly beneficial in saving time while navigating through your daily computing tasks. An often underused set of keyboard shortcuts involves the Windows logo key. Common on most keyboards, it can be found on the bottom row of your keyboard, left of the spacebar.