How to

Check the Status of Your Help Desk Tickets

July 05, 2019

Have you wondered what is the status of a help desk ticket you have opened?  Did you know you can easily see all of your tickets and view notes made by the technician(s) working on your request?  In order to view your tickets or add additional information, follow these simple steps.

How to Convert an Email to a PDF

March 06, 2018
Outlook provides users a way to convert emails to PDFs either individually or as a group of emails (existing in same folder). When done individually, the desired email can be converted by printing to PDF or saving the file as a PDF. Also, if Adobe Acrobat (full version) is installed, complete folders can be saved as a collection of PDFs. The collection can be opened as an Acrobat portfolio as an archive of a group of PDF'd emails, preserving the emails including attachments. This option is good to preserve emails that need to be archived for other people's use and opened as an email viewer. The portfolio's structure is maintained and will list all available emails in the portfolio and the attachments to the emails. Read more

How to Install Software via IBM BigFix Self Service

December 19, 2017

AdminIT utilizes the IBM BigFix Self Service application and the IBM BigFix Support Center to allow end-users to install frequently requested software onto their computer on their own without needing administrative rights. To install one of the available software offers, please refer to the instructions below.

How to add a shared mailbox in Outlook 2013/2016 (Windows)

November 28, 2017

Microsoft Outlook features the ability to open shared mailboxes in addition to your own personal email mailbox. This is often used by departments that utilize a shared departmental mailbox in which access is shared among the team. If you need to open an shared mailbox in Outlook, proceed with the steps below.

How to Secure Print

November 14, 2017

Some departmental Canon, Xerox, and Ricoh printer/copiers support secure printing. When secure print jobs are sent to a printer, the job is not printed on the printer immediately; the user must go to the copier and enter a PIN or Passcode to process the print job. Follow this guide to send and retrieve Secure Print jobs on a Xerox, Canon, or Rioch printer/copier.

How to Send an Encrypted Email with Office 365

August 08, 2017
On occasion, you may need to send a secure encrypted email. Doing so will require the recipient to access a website and sign-in with their UC Davis Office 365 account or enter a one-time passcode in order to view the secure email message.

How to use TeamViewer

May 17, 2017
TeamViewer is software used for Internet-based remote access and support.  TeamViewer allows our IT support team to connect and control our client’s computers as if we were sitting in front of them.  TeamViewer is very useful when you need assistance.  Rest assured, your remote session is secure because it is done over an "https://" secure connection.