Using Eduroam for Wireless Access at UC Davis and Beyond

Eduroam is a global wireless network access service for research and education. Eligible organizations (UC Davis) can provide users (students, researchers, staff, and faculty) with wireless access at participating institutions through the use of their home institution credentials. This includes all University of California sites, some CSU sites, and other public and private universities around the world. If you are on a college campus and you see Eduroam as a wireless option, you can use it.


Browse Securely with HTTPS

As we share more and more of our personal information on the internet, it's always important to ensure that others can't capture and read that information while it's transmitted. For this reason, HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is one of the internet's most useful tools. Through the magic of math, HTTPS encrypts data as it travels to its destination and makes sure that the person on the other end of the transaction is actually who they say they are.

Storing your Documents

The staff within FOA ( Finance, Operations and Administration) should have access to their own 'home' drive. Depending on your unit this drive will most likely appear as an H:\ drive.

Reopen Closed Tabs

Accidentally closed a browser tab? Rewind time and reopen your last closed browser tab with this handy keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + T.